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Premium joinery-quality square-planed pine timber is ideal for interior joinery where a smooth finish is required
  • Premium joinery-quality planed pine timber for painting, varnishing or where a consistent thickness is required
  • Produced from slow-grown trees typically over 80 years old, this timber is less likely to split or twist
  • Joinery-quality pine provides a smoother surface than other softwoods
  • Kiln-dried to improve stability and straightness
  • Planed with square edges (PSE)
  • Ideal for internal joinery applications where a superior finish is required
  • All sizes are approximate and will vary with moisture content
  • Wood naturally expands and contracts with moisture content so some changes in size should be expected
Planed timber size UK: 
You are looking for specific sizes for your planed timber? We stock a wide range of planed timber sizes which are: 12mm, 25mm, 38mm, 47mm, 75mm.
Each of these sizes can be found in different versions (12x12 per meter, 12x25, 12x100, etc.). To explore them in detail, we encourage you to click on the subcategories below.
You want to know more about our other categories of timber? Discover our sawn timber and our fence panels.
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